Techno Robot with Beer

Full Prompt

Create an image of a character centered the frame, captured from the top of their head to their mid-torso. The focus should be on the facial expressions and details of the upper body. The character is a harmless, good spirited, metal-made robot. It has an antenna poking out upwards from its left ear, that lends a technological edge to its appearance. It also showcases subtle cracks or indentations that imply a history of use or conflict. It wears worn out human clothes, with a snug fit that reveals a nimble frame beneath. Altogether, the character could be a character from a speculative, post-apocalyptic reality, where elegance and technology merge to create a previously imposing but nowadays peaceful presence. He is holding a pint glass of beer with his right hand in a natural way vertically aligned with his right shoulder, while his other arm hangs down straight next to his body or sits on his left-side pocket. The art style is hand painted, maybe in watercolor, with the character is depicted in shades of gray, while the beer in the pint glass is presented in golden color (the only colored portion of the image). Make sure it's set against a white background, so that it can be used for printing on a white t-shirt or as a sticker. Also make sure that the non-white portions of the image do not intersect against the borders of the canvas. --ar 9:16



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