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Midjourney Prompt Categories & Tags

Below you'll find the tags which are used the most in the prompts by style, coloring, topic, and more.

Artistic Techniques & Styles

illustration, fantasy, digital art, painting, watercolor, drawing, oil painting, cartoon, abstract art, surrealism, minimalism, vector art, handdrawn, thick lines, no shading, sketch, manga, anime, hyperdetailed, ultradetailed, logo design, line art, traditional art, comic book, sculpting, digital painting, art therapy, artwork, style

Color & Lighting

white background, black and white, monochrome, colorful, vibrant, white, blue, green, red, black, vibrant colors, pink, gold, orange, purple, yellow, bright, color, black background, sunset, lighting, cinematic lighting, depth of field, soft lighting, studio lighting, natural light, bright colors, natural, neon, color grading, high contrast, contrast, tone mapping, pastel, pastel colors, accent lighting, colors

Nature & Environment

nature, landscape, wildlife, flowers, outdoors, outdoor, ocean, forest, green, beach, water, sea, trees, mountains, garden, desert, environment, bird, leaves, sun, tropical, tree, agriculture, fruit, plant

Emotions & Moods

cute, beautiful, horror, elegant, relaxation, whimsical, love, magical, imagination, magic, happy, peaceful, serene, tranquility, mystery, romantic, dreamy, drama, ethereal, happiness, joy, spooky, cozy, serene, scary, fear, powerful, harmony, danger

Design & decor:

design, modern, vintage, retro, minimalist, contemporary art, home decor, interior design, luxury, architecture, dark, decor, decoration, modern art, contemporary, minimalist, pattern, handmade, sculpture, furnishings

Tech & Futurism

technology, futuristic, cyberpunk, innovation, artificial intelligence, gaming, virtual reality, unreal engine, cgi, pixar style, robot, unreal engine rtx, txaa, fkaa, visual effects, vfx, engineering

Entertainment & Media

adventure, action, entertainment, music, film, gaming, movie, superhero, video game, comedy, fantasy art, pixar

Character & People

full body, woman, man, character design, smiling, girl, female, male, children, baby, young woman, boy, family, people, woman, character

Creativity & Imagination

creativity, abstract, imagination, magical, innovation, concept art, art, artistic, creative, fine art, pop art, inspiration, pop culture, mindfulness, meditation, art therapy, diy, artwork

Culture & History

culture, history, historical, tradition, classic, medieval, mythology, vintage, retro

Space & Sci-Fi

space, scifi, exploration, universe, celestial, alien, extraterrestrial, galaxy, stars, astronomy, dystopian

Realism & Detail

realistic, photorealistic, detailed, highly detailed, hyper realistic, ultra realistic, high detail, hyperrealistic, hyperrealistic, ultradetailed, ultrarealistic, hyperrealism, intricate details, intricate, ultra hd, intricate detail, details, insane details, detail, hyper detailed, ultra detailed, clean lines, highquality, full color

Nature & Wildlife

animal, wildlife, pet, animals, pets, marine life, bird, dog, cat, feline

Fashion & Beauty

fashion, style, beauty, stylish, elegance, glamour, clothing, accessories, fashion photography, jewelry

Themes & Atmosphere

dark, travel, urban, floral, summer, night, isolated, texture, mystery, spooky, gothic, drama, suspense, atmosphere, atmospheric, dramatic, dark fantasy

Digital Tools & Software

digital, photoshop, unreal engine, cgivector, pixar style, unreal engine 5, vector art, c4d, ray tracing, antialiasing, ssao

Graphic Design & Branding

graphic design, branding, logo, logo design, graphics, typography, flat design, poster, mockup

Sport & Fitness

sports, fitness, exercise, competition

Subjects & Objects

food, sports, cityscape, forest, mountains, sea, beach, car, glasses, table

Cultural & Social Themes

diversity, religion, business, lifestyle, teamwork, marketing, communication, city, tourism, vacation, holiday, military, strength

Quality & Resolution

high resolution, hd, uhd, high detail, high definition, uhd image, superresolution, best quality, highquality, megapixel

Fun & Recreation

fun, playful, happy, humor, party, funny, activity, games, leisure

Health & Wellness

health, wellness, meditation, stress relief, healthy

Animation & Comics

animation, anime, cartoon, manga, comic book, pixar

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