Silhouette Pool Hand

Full Prompt

The illustration features a profile silhouette of a man's head, depicted in dark, muted tones against a light blue background. The man's head is filled with water up to the level of his forehead, creating the visual effect of a pool inside his head. Inside the water, a single hand is raised above the surface, as if someone is drowning or struggling to stay afloat. The hand is positioned in the center, adding a dramatic and poignant focal point to the composition. The overall style is minimalist and symbolic, using simple shapes and contrasting colors to convey a powerful message. The image evokes themes of mental health, emotional struggle, or feeling overwhelmed, with the water symbolizing the man's internal battles and the hand representing a cry for help or a struggle to survive. The stark contrast between the dark silhouette and the light background further emphasizes the depth and gravity of the depicted emotional state. --ar 2:3 --style raw --cw 50 --stylize 300



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