Minimalist San Francisco Leaf

Full Prompt

Create a minimalist poster that elegantly merges San Francisco’s renowned landmarks and its characteristic fog with a relaxed cannabis culture vibe, all captured within a 3x4 aspect ratio. Center the design around a tastefully outlined cannabis leaf, filled with a stylized representation of San Francisco’s skyline, showcasing the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, and the city’s iconic rolling hills adorned with Victorian homes, all subtly veiled in the city’s trademark mist. Introduce a hint of color to the otherwise subdued, earth-toned palette, with soft pastels reflecting the dawn and dusk skies over the Bay Area think gentle lavenders, warm peach, and muted teal, complementing the soft grays, misty blues, and gentle greens of cannabis. Keep the space around the leaf minimal and clear, drawing focus to the detailed and tranquil depiction of San Francisco within the leaf, embodying the city’s unique mix of urban elegance and natural grace, with a subdued acknowledgment of its cannabis-friendly atmosphere, presented in a refined, understated style with a splash of color --ar 3:4



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