Maximalist Robot Factory

Full Prompt

full section view of giant robot head reveals 4 separate levels in the chest cavity, on each level are several human workers performing various tasks related to keeping the robot functioning. on level one there is a mechanical heart and several workers using a pump and repairing pipes and valves. on level two there is a conveyor belt and chutes and tubes and mechanical claws moving blocks of fuel. on level three there is a large furnace and several boilers connected to steam engines. on level four there are a few workers operating large gears and levels that are interconnected to cables, pulleys, cogs, chans, and ventilation shafts. the illustration is extremely detailed and asymmetrical in the style of Marc Lagrange and Chris Dyer, large canvas sizes, maximalism, hybrid creature compositions --chaos 23 --ar 3:4 --style raw --stylize 400



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