Intricate Crocheted Sweater Illustration

Full Prompt

Ivan Fedorovich Choultse's hyperrealistic hyper-detailed pencil and watercolor illustration depicting of A beautiful hand crocheted vintage sweater with floral and leaf embroidery, intricate patterns, delicate lacework, elaborate beadwork and pearls, pastel colors, boho style, vintage aesthetic, elegant, sophisticated, highend fashion photography with studio lighting and natural light, detailed and intricate design, soft background, red long hair, model wearing the outfit, traditional folklore style, no blurry details, a visually pleasing composition, timeless elegance, romantic illustration, by Rachel Ruysch, in the style of realistic hyper-detailed rendering, realist detail, by Angela Barrett, by Ivan Shishkin, Russian village life, calm and serene beauty, dreamy scenes, no blurry, in the style of intricately detailed watercolor clipart illustrations --ar 42:59 --stylize 200



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