Iconic NYC Letter Collage

Full Prompt

Create a vertical film grain photo-style collage depicting iconic landmarks and scenes from New York City, arranged within the letters of the word 'NEW YORK CITY'. Each letter should feature a different scene: 'N' with the Statue of Liberty, 'E' with the Empire State Building at night, 'W' with Times Square's neon lights, 'O' with the interior of Grand Central Station, 'R' with the Brooklyn Bridge, 'K' with a view of Manhattan skyline at dusk. The letters should be large and black, set against a contrasting background that makes the images within the letters stand out. The overall mood is vibrant and bustling, capturing the essence of the city, new york city poster, by jeremy reynolds, in the style of photo montage, dynamic lettering, lightbox, snapshots of america, flickr, vibrant collage, high-contrast shading --ar 54:79 --style raw --stylize 750



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