Ghostly Monster Long-Exposure Trails

Full Prompt

long-exposure trails photography, concept art, side view, digital paintng, skiny Ghostly monster, head with skull front, two long legs, tentacle arms, dark skin, clean black background, full body --no human hair real hair:1.2 face mark, face paints, bad hands nsfw, nudity, nipples, groin, crotch, headdress, signature, artist name, watermark, texture, bad anatomy, bad draw face, low quality body, worst quality body, badly drawn body, badly drawn anatomy, low quality face, bad art, low quality anatomy, bad proportions, gross proportions, crossed eyes, ugly, bizarre, poorly drawn, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn limbs, poorly drawn fingers, out of frame, body out of frame, deformed, disfigured, mutation, mutated hands, mutated limbs. mutated face, malformed, malformed limbs, extra fingers, --ar 8:5 --style raw --stylize 50



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