Elegant Equestrian Watercolor

Full Prompt

This picture depicts an American young woman riding a white horse. The woman is dressed in a pink classical outfit, her long hair flowing in the wind, with a serene and elegant expression. She gently holds the reins while riding the horse, which appears robust and agile, as if in motion. The background is rendered in a soft watercolor style, primarily composed of light pink, pink yellow, and blue hues. The gradient and blending of colors are very natural. Scattered throughout the scene are numerous red petals and spots, enhancing the picture's dynamism and romantic atmosphere. These elements seem to float in the air, giving a sense of lightness and ethereality. Overall, the picture is filled with a dreamy and poetic quality. The figures of the woman and the horse are delicate and graceful, and the background colors and petals' embellishments make the entire scene vivid and artistic., soft light pink and light yellow background, white border on the edges of the illustration, 2D design, vector illustration in the style of children's book --ar 15:23



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