Dystopian Brutalist Portrait

Full Prompt

The ultra realistic photography is in the style of a 1960s documentary photographer. Brutalist minimalist architectural style, old black dirty concrete, dystopian, flat surfaces, 1960s. In a small dirty bedroom, a skinny middle-aged woman stares into space while holding a dirty dead skinny caucasien baby wrapped in a dirty holey white flowered fabric with large strips and a lot of dark stains, she is between two dirty holey curtains the fabric has a contrasted patterns of flowers, she is sitting on a bed with dirty holey blankets featuring a cashmere patterns. She is wearing a white lace dressing gown, she has an asymmetrical face, asymmetrical eyes, charcoal was roughly applied around the eyes and started to run, Her eyes are wide open, with the upper white sclera visible. One eye is much more open than the other. She has a simple ring on her middle finger, her hands are dirty, the woman's short black messy hair is in disarray, she has two ears, a left and right ear, small old 1900s tattoos on her hairy forearm, natural skin. She is tense with stress. The focus sharply captures her face expressing schizophrenia, surprise, disgust, rage, fear and upset. Her eyes are conveying her high fear, impulsive violent nature and insanity. She has an opened large mouth with crooked teeth. Her black lipstick smeared on her cheek, her mouth area is dirty all around. The dirty baby has a missing eye, one-eyed, black dirt around the eyes and mouth, his hair in disarray, he is white caucasian baby. In the background, a strongly blurred bedroom with an old black dirty wall and a canopy bed emphasizes her presence. This scene, reminiscent of a poignant moment from a documentary, is bathed in faded lighting from a ceiling light, casting a realistic hue over her. The image, akin to a frame from a high-definition film, captures the mundane yet profound aspects of daily life. Very dense fog, gloomy, misty. Black and white. --no windows, smoke, makeup foundation, african baby, african --ar 3:4



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