Dark Gargoyle in Dungeon

Full Prompt

extremely dark lighting,Edwin Austin abbey’s and Francisco Goya finestroke pre- raphaelite painting character illustration, full body side view illustration of an lanky crawling rotten undead stone goblin gargoyle wielding a black stone spear with 2 stone horns with moss covered stone body,its mouth is dripping with black ooze, its has pitch black eyes, its skin texture is made from old rotten rocks, its arms are long and wear black bracelets, dark and moody tone with subtle lighting, in a pitch dark dungeon with old rusted stone walls and dirty stone floor, dead black tree roots sprouting out of the ground and covered the wall, ancient ruins, black ooze on the ground, black rocks, broken jars, human bones on the ground, ancient old stone tombs, torches on the wall --no portrair, vibrant colors, green color --chaos 3 --ar 7:4 --style raw --sw 150 --stylize 120



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