Bright Animal Tea Party

Full Prompt

a poster for the "Nizi Cafe" in the style of Bright Marimekko. The basic theme of the design is "An invitation to a fun and bright Spring tea party" and the items are " Cute dog, cat and bear happily jumping up and down joy at the joy, They each have a mug, a balloon, and a flower in their hands. A photograph of Simple, sophisticated and beautiful letterheads and envelopes on a table with the sun shining through the trees" pink, light blue of the spring sky, yellow-green of the new shoots, cut-outs of small, pretty, colourful flowers" A design with a sense of crispness. Bright, fun colours and comedic design. Illustration style, finely drawn in coloured pencil. Perfect detail, high quality. White background. --ar 2:3



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