Brass Gaja-Vimana Realism

Full Prompt

close up into the world of polished brass Vimana. with big fire jets, the mythical flying machines of ancient India. Imagine a gaja-vimana, a majestic vessel adorned with multiple engines, symbolizing the strength of an elephant gaja. This extraordinary Vimana soars gracefully through the clouds, its powerful engines propelling it with elegance. The atmosphere is one of grandeur and majesty, as if the very heavens bow to its presence, blending intricate details with surreal elements, with high refinement and sophistication style with Intricate contrast of natural light and shadows and perfect focus, hyper detailed, extremely realistic photography, using Blender with Cycles engine for realistic lighting and textures, using a Canon EOS R5 with an RF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens, --ar 4:5



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