Ancient Chinese Mythology Exhibit

Full Prompt

Design a museum preface hall that tells the story of the ancient Chinese mythological figure Fuxi, within a space of 40 meters in length, 20 meters in width, and 5 meters in height. As the founder of humanities, Fuxi opened the first chapter of Chinese civilization, and his many innovations laid the foundation of Chinese civilization. According to historical records and research on cultural relics, the main merits of the Fuxi Dynasty, the founder of humanities, can be summarized as follows: teaching the people to fish and hunt through the use of nets and fishnets; raising sacrifices to serve as kitchen utensils; Taste a hundred herbs before making nine needles; Turning from planting grains to farming; Building houses to form settlements; Making marriages and initiating civilization; The Jia calendar begins with the year and month; Draw Bagua to showcase the common people; Creating qin, se, nuo, qing, sheng, ping: Dragon totem unity. Scene restoration, dragon totem and cultural roots, volumetric lighting, dramatic lighting, symmetry, FHD,1080P,2K,4K,8K, loong, Chinese Phoenix, Indigenous, Asia ar 16:9-- v 6.0, Volumetric light, Dramatic lighting, symmetrical, FHD,1080P,2K,4K,8K, loong, Chinese phoenix, indigenous, asian --ar 16:9



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